Matthew Clayton Brown provides appraisals, art valuations, brokerage and specialized consultations to clients looking to enhance their collection. 

For over 30 years Matthew Clayton Brown has been assisting clients in managing their art collections throughout the southeast and across the country. Our appraisers use their extensive experience to provide thorough, comprehensive and polished valuations.

Our appraisals are well researched legal documents that meet all insurance and IRS valuation requirements and are compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). 


Buying and Selling

Matthew Clayton Brown is pleased to offer a specialized advisory service, assisting clients seeking specific works of art to enhance their collections. We do not maintain an inventory, but rather act as a broker on behalf of each client, sourcing works from private clients, auctions or dealers.

For clients wishing to sell works of art, our specialists can offer advice about the various methods of sale, such as auction or private brokerage, and the market value of the property.

Fine Art Appraisal

Matthew Clayton Brown is qualified to prepare appraisals for a variety of needs, including:

  • estate tax and estate planning

  • insurance

  • charitable contribution

  • collateral loan purposes


A completed appraisal will include detailed property descriptions and itemized values in a bound document with an affidavit and summary page. Our appraisals are widely accepted by the Internal Revenue Service, tax and estate planning professionals, and insurance firms.

The appraisal fee is based on the volume and nature of the property, as well as the amount of time and number of specialists required. 

For works of art by George Rodrigue, please review our George Rodrigue Appraisal Information.

Collection Management

Matthew Clayton Brown's specialists are able to assist with all facets of maintaining your collection, including:

  • cataloguing and researching the collection

  • identifying and facilitating specific needs such as restoration, installation, framing, storage and transportation

  • coordinating packing and shipping for exhibition purposes or museum loans

  • providing market research and analysis when buying and selling works of art

Decorative & Fine Art Appraisers

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