Experienced Fine Art Appraisers

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Information needed to begin the appraisal process:

  1. In focus, digital photos of the front and back (if possible) of the work of art, as well as detailed photos of the signature or any other markings and inscriptions.

  2. The title and date of work (if known)

  3. The dimensions (height and width, not including the frame)

  4. The media (example: oil on canvas, pencil on paper, print, etc.)

  5. The provenance (the history of ownership of the work, if known)

  6. Any paperwork regarding work (bill of sale, past appraisals, etc., if applicable)

  7. Type of appraisal (insurance, estate, donation, fair market value) 

  8. The name(s) and address you would like on the appraisal.

  9. The address you would like the appraisal and bill to be sent.

  10. Your contact information.